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Outdoor Pro

2.00 LBS

OUTDOOR PRO: Weatherproof WiFi Security Camera


OUTDOOR PRO is a weatherproof smart security camera with FREE 7-Day Video Cloud Storage.

Unlike other security cameras, 7 days of rolling cloud recording storage is free. At any time you can go back to review the last week of motion recordings via the app. Others charge $10/month per camera for this service. And if you see an important recording you can download the clip directly to your phone or tablet.

When we say weatherproof, we are not messing around. Unlike others, the OUTDOOR PRO is made of metal - not plastic - and built for harshest of winters meeting IP66 international waterproof standards. It also has an adjustable sun/rain/snow shield to help avoid missing important video footage in varying weather conditions. And can we say intimidating? Yes.

Super simple to set up and use: Connect the camera, create an account via the apps and you're viewing your camera live. OUTDOOR PRO connects wirelessly to your home network or, if preferred, has the option for a wired connection using PoE (Power over Ethernet).


The OUTDOOR PRO is perfect for watching entrances, automobiles, when the Amazon driver drops off a package and ensuring your property and loved ones are safe day or night. You are alerted instantly when motion is detected. Every movement detected during the last week is recorded. Even if your OUTDOOR PRO is vandalized or stolen, your clips are safe in the cloud and fully protected and encrypted to review.

While 7 days of rolling recording is free*, if you want 30 days of rolling recording you can upgrade to the Plus Standard package for $5.99/month* (optional in-app purchase). Others charge $30/month PER Camera for 30 days of storage.

Optional 30 Day Rolling Storage Plans:

Plus Standard (1 Camera): $5.99/month or $59.99/year

Plus Premium (Unlimited Cameras): $9.99/month or $99.99/year

*7-Day rolling recording cloud account free for first 36 months.

Expandable System: Add as many outdoor/indoor cameras as you like and manage all from one easy to use app.

Night Vision Precision: See in the dark with incredibly clear and crisp vision with a range of up to 45 feet.

Home Network Friendly

Home Network Friendly

OUTDOOR PRO only records when something happens so it doesn’t need to constantly burn through your data allowance and battle for the internet with other connected mobile devices for speed. Others record 24/7 and use up to 160GB of upload bandwidth per month.

Location recording

Location Recording

Automatically deactivates your camera's motion recording when you arrive home, and activates recording when you leave, based on the location of your smartphone. (Compatible with Android 4.4 or later & iOS 8.1 or later. Message will be sent within approx. 100-200 yards of set location)

On demand

On Demand Recording

Capture that moment; record what you want, when you want at the touch of a button. Just hit record when watching live to capture a moment in time up to five minutes long.

Built to your security needs

Built to your security needs

Monitor multiple locations directly from your smartphone, adding as many cameras to your account as necessary. Add other cameras to complete your home security system.

Capture more detail

Capture more detail

See and hear every aspect of your recording with a wide 109 degree field of view, HD video resolution and clear audio.

See in the dark

See in the dark

High LEDs that comes on automatically at night time to deliver clear night vision. Experience crisp images in total darkness up to 45 feet away.

Capture pre event clip footage

Capture pre event clip footage

On-board SmartBuffer technology uses the camera's internal memory to record the moments prior up to the event, giving you the whole story.

Keep recordings permanently

Keep recordings permanently

Download motion activated videos directly to your smartphone from your account. Save and send as many videos as you like from the last 7 days.

To set up your OUTDOOR PRO you will need

Computer Computer

Running Windows 7 or later / Mac running OS X
(only needed for initial setup & to download video clips)

Internet Browser Internet Browser

Up to date - running the latest Flash Player or HTML 5

Network Port Network Port

Available Network Port on your Main Router
(only needed for initial setup or if Wi-Fi unavailable)

Upload Speed Upload Speed

Minimum upload speed of 0.5 Mbps per camera

Wi-Fi Wi-Fi

Wireless Network with WPA or WPA2 Security running on 2.4 GHz frequency

Image Quality

1 Megapixel 1/4" CMOS lens,
1280x720 resolution, Far Focus lens

Viewing Angle

Horizontal: 100°, Vertical: 56°, FOV: 109°

Night Vision

24 infrared LEDs, up to 15m


IP66-rated - waterproof & weatherproof


Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Ethernet, PoE


100-240V AC, 12V, 3.75W

Size & Weight

110 x 65 x 200mm, 410g

  • You will need to download the free security app from iTunes (iOS 8.1 & above) or Google Play (Android 4.4 & above).
  • Camera will need to be physically connected to your broadband router using the cable provided during the initial set up process to become wireless. After that the included Ethernet cable is not needed.


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