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  • Add up to 4 cameras on screen with simultaneous video, audio, alerts.
  • Search "WiFi Baby Monitor" in iTunes.
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WiFi Baby iOS App

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Our monitor and FREE iOS APP offers many features exclusive only to WiFi Baby.

You can download it HERE. or search "WiFi Baby monitor" in the iTunes app store.

Flexibility: Only monitor to support audio and alerts while using other apps. With others the audio stops once you leave the app.

Expandable: Only monitor to support up to 4 monitors on screen* with simultaneous audio and alerts. Others support only one monitor.

Apple Watch: Only monitor to offer Apple Watch audio alerts.

Night Vision Precision: Longest range of any baby monitor - up to 30 feet in complete darkness.

Won't slow down your Internet speed: Others work by downloading video 24/7 from the cloud.

All Night Peace of Mind: Constant-connect, designed for overnight monitoring. Options: Screen on/off, auto-mute, audio alerts.

iOS 10+ compatible app (iOS 8 minimum). ** For best performance iOS 64-bit devices and up are recommended. This is iPhone 5S and up and iPad Air and up. Our app is a 64-bit app for future compatibility with iOS versions. Older 32-bit devices can have taxation on the CPU which can cause video disconnects as the device itself is being overworked by running hour after hour. 64-bit devices will not have this issue. While this will work for monitoring naps for several hours it can disconnect overnight running 8+ hours. Therefore, even if you have older devices running iOS 8+ we highly recommend using iPhone 5S and iPad Air 64-bit devices and higher.

*App is free for complete functionality of one WiFi Baby monitor. If you want to expand functionality and support 2-4 monitors there is a one time in-app purchase of $4.99 to unlock this option. All your devices under the same iTunes account or Family Sharing plan are covered, you will not have to pay for this in-app purchase again.

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